The Goetia was traditionally associated with black magic and medieval grimoires containing incantations and ceremonies specifically designated to invoke demons and/or their powers. The Goetia at one time has been closely associated with sorcery. The derivation of the word “goetia” is uncertain.

Goetia is an intense horror film that begins with Emily, her fiancĂ© Jesse, her younger brother Zach crippled with a severe form of Cerebral Palsy, and two of their friends, Michelle and Woodrow. Emily has just purchased a remote home near an institution to provide better care for her brother. During their first evening the group discovers strange symbols etched into the boards on the windows, breaking a few of the boards for firewood. That night as Emily sleeps she experiences a horrific dream only to awake the next morning to Zach suddenly and miraculously able to walk. As the day progresses, the group removes the remaining boards from the walls and uncovers witchcraft rituals and a horrific large mural in the basement finishing the evening with Zach speaking his first words. “They’re here.” The evening that ensues will be forever scarred into the mind of whoever survives.